Turnkey Factory

Connovate supplies a complete and flexible factory solution that allows the production of a fully defined building system based on the Connovate HPC.

Connovate’s patented flexible moulding system enables both quick conversion and high precision.
Production can be optimised for both low-cost, mid-range and high-end markets.

Modular and Flexible Mould System

The Conovate modular and flexible mould system is the dynamic core of the production.

Using this system it is possible for even relatively untrained personnel very accurate and fast to assemble the moulds and cast a panel. 

Customised storage and lifting gear makes it possible for a relatively small labour force to handle the mould parts in a safe and secure manner.

The flexibility supports a quick change of mould setup enabling the factory to produce a diversified range of panels and house types.

Moulding at Connovate Philippines

Virtual 3D

The whole process from design to manufacturing and finished product is supported by virtual 3D. Building and panel design is created as a 3D parametric model that guides the design to fit within the endless options of the mould tools. Furthermore the part list and panel geometry is visualised by the same system.

This all supports the speed of the manufacturing process and ensures the risk of making mistakes to stay very low.

The complete modular and flexible mould system including the 3D CAD design, procurement and manufacturing module is pat. pending.

3D parametric models