Steel Joints

The Connovate Sealing System is a patented mechanical sealing system for exterior building components.

The vertical part of the system works as a spring that maintains pressure between two adjacent building components and holding itself in place, thereby sealing the gap.

By using stainless steel spring profiles the sealing retains flexibility all its life, so it follows the dynamic movements that occur between two adjacent building components over time.

Mounting Connovate Stainless Steel Joints at Rosenhøj, Aarhus. The unique and patented stainless steel joint system ensures very rapid assembly of the elements and long-term durability.

Connovate Patented Stainless Steel Joints

Product properties and advantages

  • + 100 years durability
  • Superior life cycle properties
  • Fast mounting
  • Fast and weather independant assembly
  • Low price compared to elastic joints
  • Fully reusable