Panel Types

Connovate HPC can be used for practically any type of panel. The obvious use is in places with demand for both fire safety, high strength, light weight, compact dimensions and long durability performance. Adding smooth and non-porous surfaces combined with premium thermal insulation makes the panels sustainable in many senses.

Connovate panels are divided into two types: Sandwich Panels and Cladding Panels. Both are applicable as insulated or uninsulated.

Panels at Connovate Philippines

Sandwich Panels

Connovate sandwich panels are low-energy building elements for fast and simple installation, with a very high surface quality in terms of finish and durability.

The system combines the best qualities and advantages of two different traditional building systems: The light-weight construction systems, based on steel and wood, and the heavy construction building systems, based on concrete and brick.

The panels are designed as slim and robust sandwich panels with just 35 mm thick front, and rear panels of high-strength concrete, around a core of high-performance pressure-proof insulation. The structure of the panels ensures maximum insulation performance for minimum wall thickness.

Connovate sandwich panels are available as load-bearing panels with ribs in the rear wall, and as non-load-bearing panels for sealing shell structures.

Cladding Panels

Connovate Renovation Building System is a rational construction system for facade- and energy renovation of existing buildings.The system consists of prefabricated, insulated lightweight panels in high-performance concrete, for mounting on existing buildings.

The panels are produced compactly, with a core of highly efficient insulation, ensuring maximum insulation performance for minimal panel depth. The panels are suspended using a stainless steel suspension system which is pre-mounted on the facade.