Connovate licensing is globally available and will be customized to local building practice and culture. A licensee grants access to Connovate HPC technology, building system solutions, system adoption, training, patented flexible mold system and know-how in general. Please contact us for further information.

By becoming a licensee, local producers get access to Connovate’s know-how

Connovate Philippines

Connovate Philippines Inc., established in October 2017, acquired a production licensing agreement from Connovate. The team is comprised of different experts who are driven to make a difference in the building industry and committed to improve the lives of hundreds of families all over the country.

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  • HPC concentrate supply
  • Approvals/certifications
  • Documentation
  • Production process consulting
  • Quality control system
  • CAD/CAM tools
  • Turnkey factory with flexible mould system
  • Branding and marketing assistance
  • Continuous innovation