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The typology of the Connovate building system includes a large number of variants: low cost housing in South Africa, low cost housing and insulated mid range housing in the Philippines and low energy housing and insulated panels for renovation in Denmark. Five-storey housing and panels for high rise building will be next in line of developments.

Since 2016 Connovate ApS, Imperial Homes Corporation and Connovate Philippines have been developing an earthquake and typhoon resistant low cost building system especially for use in harsh environmetal conditions. The precast system is buildable throughout the year having a weather independent building method.

Connovate will continue to focus on the expansion in Asia working closely with our partners, Connovate Philippines. Three factories are up and running in different locations in the Philippines. Ahead of this more factories are already planned and further expansion in surrounding Asian contries will follow.

Right now and in the future Connovate will continuously innovate to make more and more affordable building systems to provide sustainable and durable homes for the growing global population.

Connovate HPC is applicable for all kinds of large concrete constructions where sustainability, cost, durability, strength and fire resistance are of importance, like tunnels, bridges, windmills, off-shore constructions etc.

Connovate domicile in Aarhus, Denmark. 

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