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Licensing Connovate licensing is globally available and will be customized to local building practice and culture. A licensee grants access to Connovate HPC technology, building system solutions, system adoption, training, patented flexible mold system and know-how in general. Please contact us for further information. By becoming a licensee, local producers get access to Connovate’s know-how …

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Steel Joints

Steel Joints The Connovate Sealing System is a patented mechanical sealing system for exterior building components. The vertical part of the system works as a spring that maintains pressure between two adjacent building components and holding itself in place, thereby sealing the gap. By using stainless steel spring profiles the sealing retains flexibility all its …

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Panel Types

Panel Types Connovate HPC can be used for practically any type of panel. The obvious use is in places with demand for both fire safety, high strength, light weight, compact dimensions and long durability performance. Adding smooth and non-porous surfaces combined with premium thermal insulation makes the panels sustainable in many senses. Connovate panels are …

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Building Types

Building Types The Connovate Building System provides solutions for all building types i.e. residential-, office-, warehouse-, and factory buildings. The use covers both high-rise buildings as well as low and dense buildings. Due to the constantly growing population concentrated around the urban metropolis in the developing countries, there is a strong demand for robust, low-cost …

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Our Vision

Our Vision Our vision is to lead a global transition to a sustainable building culture.


Background The Connovate Innovation Project was initiated in 2007 in order to address increasing global climate and environmental issues, by developing an Industrial Building System that significantly reduces CO2 emissions, while at the same time significantly reduce costs throughout the entire building process and ownership. Connovate Aps was founded in 2010 by a group of …

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Turnkey Factory

Turnkey Factory Connovate supplies a complete and flexible factory solution that allows the production of a fully defined building system based on the Connovate HPC. Connovate’s patented flexible moulding system enables both quick conversion and high precision.Production can be optimised for both low-cost, mid-range and high-end markets. Modular and Flexible Mould System The Conovate modular …

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Technology The Connovate HPC is a sustainable High Performance Concrete improved for more than a decade with continuous research and development. We have created a fireproof HPC with a reduced use of cement and thereby a minimal carbon emission. Connovate HPC has numerous superior properties compared to ordinary concrete and several to other known HPC’s. …

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Contact Us

Contact Us For general inquiries about Connovate and our products and solutions, please contact: For specific requests, please contact:Karsten Bro – CEO, Connovate ApS

Building System

Building System The Connovate Building System is designed to ensure the houses to be easily and quickly assembled. For resistance against seismic forces and typhoons the joints between panels are cast using a special Connovate HPC concentrate. Previous Next The Connovate Building System is optimized for easy and fast assembly Learn More Building Types Panel Types …

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