Sustainable Buildings For A Growing Population
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Sustainable Construction
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We produce sustainable and recyclable high performance concrete (HPC).
We deliver the leading technology and a high precision building system for making affordable HPC products.
We support local communities, providing best practices through licensing and turnkey factories.

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Towards A Green Future

Connovate addresses seven of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

Connovate HPC is water and damp tight making it very hygienic. It is non porous, which prevents mould growth in humid and hot climatic conditions.
Connovate strives for both social and industrial development. We support a safe working culture through supervision and quality control.

Connovate globally licences state of the art technology creating new businesses locally. Connovate innovates every part of the value chain for sustainable solutions. 

Connovate building system creates strong, slim and light weight structures making safe, resilient and sustainable buildings.

Connovate HPC and structures are recyclable and made from a minimal amount of resources. It is extremely durable, and has a lifespan of more than 100 years.

Connovate HPC and structures radically reduce the use of cement minimising the carbon footprint.

Connovate collaborates closely with licensee companies. Continuous innovation is made by local adaption and evolution of technology.

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